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  • Aqueous Flux Cleaners for Flip Chips/BGAs/PCBAs
  • Pre-Ball Mount HP Substrate Cleaner
  • Reflow Ovens: BGA/Flip Chip/SMTs
  • BGA Ball Mounter
  • Chemical Deflasher for QFNs
  • Flip Chip Sorter: Tray to Boat, Boat to Tray
  • Flip Chip Underfill machine
  • Flip Chip Underbump Cleaning machine with Fully Auto-Cover Loading and Offloading
  • DI Water Recycling system
  • Cleanliness Tester: SIR, IC
  • In-tape Inspection system (TnR)
  • Laser pre-cut system


  • Solder spheres (Eutectic, Lead Free, Non-Lead Free)
  • Flux Cleaning Chemicals (water-soluble)
    • Removes Fluxes, organic contaminants, finger prints, fibres, particles etc…
    • Applications: Flip Chip underbumps, BGAs, SMTs
    • Biodegradable, safe to use, easy to dispose
    • No damage to OSP, pads, solder mask or substrates
    • Can be added to our Cleaners via Auto-Mixer/Metering tank
  • Deflash chemicals
    • Removes mold flashes on QFN’s and QFP’s
    • No Discoloration, No delamination and damage to products
    • Effective solution to PPF, uPPF and Copper leadframes
    • Biodegradable, safe to use and easy to dispose
    • Use together with our chemical deflasher for optimum result
  • DI water treatment Resins, Filters, Active carbons, etc
  • Ball mount and auto-saw conversion kits
  • Molding pots and plunger